Hiring Car Service in Dubai – A Quick Guide

Dubai is a city that emerged as an ultimate tourist destination over t eh past few decades. The outstanding sky line, the latest examples of modern architecture like Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, malls, Dubai Marina, it is beyond any doubt that Dubai is a city best explored on wheels. If you are traveller the best option to enjoy the city life is by renting a car. If you do not have an international licence you can hire cars with chauffeur for travelling with style and convenience.

Many residents also prefer renting a car for certain visits as although the public transport system is extremely well-developed especially after the Dubai Metro, but it still has limitations like timings, not covering many remote areas and taxi is quite expensive. Furthermore, the city is designed to be travelled in luxury and hiring a rental car service is the best option.


 Few of the key benefits of hiring a car rental service in Dubai are:

  • You get to travel in panache and opulence.
  • You check that bullet in your wish list of driving a luxury car by renting a Ferrari, or Audi.
  • You easily enjoy the night life of Dubai by hiring a car with chauffeur that allows you the peace of mind of someone sober driving you back to your hotel or home.
  • Renting a car with chauffeur also minimize the risk of accidents in a foreign country as they are habitual and more aware of the rules and regulations.
  • You will be able to visit other nearby states such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi and can experience the amazingly bright and sunny landscape of the desert in the outskirts of Dubai.


There are many rules and regulations for renting a car to drive in Dubai. We are summarizing them in this guide so that you are prepared to enjoy rides to the fullest during your next visit.

  • The tourists from many of the first world country passport holders, and the ones from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC) can rent a car to drive in Dubai with their native country’s driving licence.
  • The tourists exempted from the above mentioned countries should have an International Driving Permit from the country you have obtained your driving licence. Both the documents are required to drive in Dubai.
  • Visitors cannot drive a private vehicle, unless they acquire a temporary driving licence with a validity of six months. It is a simple and quick process. Moreover, you may need to fulfil some additional document requirements of you want to travel outside of Dubai.
  • Your International Driving Licence will not be accepted as an authentic document after you have acquired the resident visa. Only UAE driving licence is acceptable.


There is a huge number of car rental companies working in UAE from where you can easily rent a luxury car of your choice online, in a quite affordable price range. They provide latest models of famous brands including Audi, Mercedes, and Lamborghini etc. so you can have an opulent traveling experience.


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